All-new "toggle" feature deployed for Park City, UT

Though restaurants and shopping in Park City don't change dramatically from season to season, when summer shifts to winter, Park City becomes a different world for adventure and activities. The new site lets visitors experience both worlds with a special "season toggle" that not only shifts the look of the site, but its content as well.

For example, check out the "Visitors" page in winter mode and you'll read about Park City's 9,000+ acres of skiable terrain and yearly 350 inches of the "Greatest Snow on Earth." But click the "Summer" toggle in the lower corner of the screen, and suddenly you're in a website designed with warm browns and greens, reading about wildflower-covered hillsides, miles of biking and hiking trails and open-air concerts.

Of course, like Park City itself, seasonal changes on the new site are more than skin deep. Members and partners can also create season-specific content within their new listings. So when checking out adventure companies, for example, you can toggle between winter and summer to find out about cross-country skiing vs. fly fishing, snowshoe tours vs. canoeing or kayaking on the Rockport reservoir.

 Park City seasonal combo screenshot


Scope out Park City's fahrenheit-based site and discover which season appeals most to you!



Bold new design + new animations highlight creativity for Providence, RI

The site for Providence, Rhode Island launched early in January 2011 with a bold design that's colorful but clean and meets this destination's goals for a look that's artistic, creative and sophisticated. 

Behind the scenes, site development held some distinctive challenges managing a number of special URLs, iFrames and other features that had been created for the old site, all expertly dealt with by our SEO and CMS teams working together. On the front end, highlights of the new site include:

Providence, RI screenshot - long

  • Home page slideshow with back-end tools that allow the Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau team to easily swap out new photos and slide highlight colors any time. On the front end, visitors navigate the slideshow simply by mousing over the colored bars that stack to the side of the main image.
  • A new "tear and fade" animation for the home page featured-events calendar highlight and "shuffle" animation for featured images in the Video & Photo Tour home page highlight.
  • Multiple interior page templates with optional color to break up content and the ability for the DMO to control colors for all top-level navigation drop-downs, giving each section a unique feel and character.
  • A navigation footer that anchors the design while serving as a convenient first- and second-level site map accessible from every page.


Take some time to browse the newly remastered Providence site and let us know what you think!