Known as The Birthplace of Aviation, Dayton features a fantastic array of big city amenities coupled with small town charm and hospitality. Visit and you’ll find that there’s no shortage of world-class attractions, historical sites, beautiful parks and fabulous shopping and dining. But keeping track of it all? That was the challenge — until now.

With the new Visit Dayton app, the leg work of mapping out your visit is done. The user’s experience is curated with all of the must-see attractions into easily accessible categories, from food and drink to transportation. It also includes The Dayton Ale Trail and WilBEAR Wright Aviation Trail through the passport feature, drawing upon two popular features of any visit to the midwestern city.

Visiting Dayton New Mobile App

The app also features a detailed events calendar that’s dynamically populated with ongoing activities, from virtual concerts to social distancing friendly open-air markets, complete with safety guidelines. With information changing rapidly amid COVID-19, it’s the most efficient and easiest way to get updated details to visitors.

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