An overwhelming sense of Simpleview team spirit filled the offices when the website for Visit Norway launched in January of 2016. Working with the Norway team on a project of this magnitude enabled the company to gain valuable experiences, and the completion also aided the development of future products that will benefit all of our clients.

As an international destination for tourism, embracing possible language barriers was a priority for this project. The Visit Norway website has been built for navigation with fifteen different translations over thirteen websites, including three different dialects of English (U.K., U.S., International) in the .com domain. The in-depth content translations were all hand curated for the best possible reception. Test your language skills and explore the different domains below!


The Visit Norway site was built as a country-wide encompassing platform for visitors, with the option to showcase specific cities or regions. The custom 'Premium Partner' sections of the website allow the client to sell membership to individual DMOs within Norway. A great example of this is the regional DMO (RTB) of Trøndelag. As a premium partner, Trøndelag has access to content within the CMS specific to their web section, as well as a keyword search that only searches their content. Premium Partners also benefit from advertising implementation throughout the Norway site, operated by Simpleview's sister company, Destination Travel Network. These and many other options are accompanied by independent social feeds on the Visit Norway site. This new concept of individual DMO membership and benefits within one website is a new and exciting solution that Simpleview is ready to implement for interested clients. 

A major element of the web page functionality is the default sorting of business listings. These categories are based on a number of criteria such as Trip Advisor ratings, number of images, Green travel certification, etc. The higher a business ranks, the higher it is displayed within the listings list, ensuring that the visitor sees the highest quality of products when viewing page one of the list.

Business Listings

Other additions to the Norway site include a recently viewed page widget that stores the pages a user has visited so they can easily access the pages previously viewed. This feature is especially useful for countrywide trip planning and comparing hotels, attractions, and local dining. 

Recently Viewed Pages

The Keyword search preview and thesaurus features guide visitors to the landing page that matches what they are searching for. However, the site is easily navigable with its clean design and specific call outs.


Keyword Search

The creative element of the site really captures the country best with the use of gorgeous imagery on the portal page, using minimal text to direct visitors towards specific landing pages. Once inside landing pages such as Taste Norway and Architecture, the destination has a more content heavy focus in addition to the imagery.

Portal Pages

Experience Nordic culture to the fullest, pack your imagination and begin exploring Norway with these great features provided by a team of travel experts. No matter the season, this inspiring destination will take your breath away.