While I was excited to attend Vidcon to learn more about YouTube, Vimeo and all the great video content that's available on the worldwide web, I really wanted to learn the ins and outs of content creation and what other creators do on a regular basis. 

Video as a Research Tool 

Throughout the conference, it became very clear that the idea of research surrounding video content is a big reason viewers like to watch videos of all sorts. We like to witness products and destinations through video and decide based on the content if we are interested in the product, destination, etc. This is becoming more and more prominent with vlogging cameras, GoPros, iPhones and other devices which bring phenomenal cameras to your fingertips.

Recurring Themes

The following themes were frequently stressed during Vidcon for successful creation and use of video. 

  • Consistency 
  • Patience
  • Mobile
  • Creativity

Inspiration is Key 

It also became very clear that destinations and travelers are looking for great video content and if a destination is lacking that world class content, it is harder to market the destination. Inspiration is key and much of the time, in order to inspire someone you must give them photography and video that is key to inspiring their senses to plan a visit to that city, region, state, country. 

Things I learned which can be applied to the use of video to promote your destination

  • Be patient
  • Have a break-through video
  • Collaborate
  • Ignore negativity online
  • Don't get discouraged by lack of views/subscribers
  • If you yourself wouldn't watch, don't upload

Video is truly changing the way we think and the way we make decisions. This in turn means that marketers will need to change the way they market to incorporate video imagery.