You’ve probably been to a conference or event where live Instagram and Twitter posts related to the event are shared on a large screen. Behind those social media walls is a specific tool that allows for the display. Stackla can be one of those tools for your destination!

Creating an event wall in Stackla is as easy as creating a widget. Just like widget creation, it can be built and live in less than ten minutes. Later in this blog you’ll see the easy steps to setting up an event wall. But first, let us tell you all the different ways an event wall in Stackla can be used.

For Display of Live Tweets as They Come In

If someone shares a tweet using a hashtag that is set to populate your event wall, the tweet will go live for everyone to see! This works best for conferences where you know the conference’s specific hashtag is going to produce content that is specific to that event. 

Share Instagram Photos Live at Events

In addition to pulling in Twitter posts, Stackla event walls can also auto-publish Instagram photos. You can make an entire event wall publish Instagram photos as soon as they are posted as long as they use the hashtag you select! Want a mixture of both Instagram and Twitter posts? That's possible as well!

Use the Events Feature to Power Visitor Center Displays

Does your visitor center have television displays? Stackla event walls can provide the content for them! Imagine a screen in your visitor center showing visitors the best User-Generated Content from your destination.

Share a Link to an Event Wall with Conference Organizers

Almost every DMO responds to RFPs to help bring events to their destination. With Stackla, an event wall is easy to share. This means you can create a wall to meet the specifications of conference organizers and give them the URL to its live feed. Bake this service into an even proposal and you may have a leg up on your competition!

Build Your Own UGC Event Wall

Are you a Stackla client and ready to build an event wall? Here’s how you can set up a display in no time:

  1. Choose which platforms from which you’d like to pull in content. Most events receive hashtagged content from both Instagram and Twitter. We recommend creating search Terms in Stackla for both platforms.
  2. Set up a Search Term to pull in the specific content that you’re looking to publish on your wall. Most likely, this is a specific event hashtag that attendees are being encouraged to use.
  3. When setting up the search terms, make sure the content is set to automatically publish. That means, if someone posts using the hashtag you set up a term for, their content will immediately publish to your event wall.
  4. Make sure to auto-tag the content when creating the search term. 
  5. Create a filter to pull in your tagged content, as if you are creating a widget.
  6. Next, click “Create New Event” in the Events section of Stackla and place your new filter into whatever style of event wall you’d like.
  7. When you’re done creating the event, Stackla will populate an event URL that you can paste into a browser. Your wall will immediately load. Go full screen for best results and project the screen onto the display of your choice.

Are you interested in a demo of Stackla’s event wall capabilities? Contact your Simpleview account manager to set up a screenshare. Are you currently a Stackla client and want to set up an event wall? Your Social Media Specialist is ready to help you!