The Bishop Area Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau in California wanted to implement a social media campaign that would help increase awareness of the small-town destination as more than a place to "stop by," but a place to stay and enjoy. Through a collaborative strategy meeting with Simpleview, it was determined that the results of the campaign would be measured by increased requests in vacation planners. If campaign audiences were spurred to action-requesting a visitors guide- there would be clear demonstrable value in the investment.


With the client's goal in mind, Simpleview allocated an average of 40% of the DMO's Facebook budget specifically toward driving leads through Facebook. The remainder of the budget was used for paid search on AdWords and general awareness on Facebook.

Taking into account what was learned about the destination, Simpleview targeted four distinct audiences:

  • Travel fans with interests in activities specific to Bishop
  • Outdoor enthusiasts (based on behavior buyer profiles & purchase types)
  • Fans already connected to Bishop via Facebook page likes
  • Website remarketing (targeting visitors of the website in the last 180 days, who had not requested a vacation planner) 


Overall, the Bishop Chamber of Commerce has continuously seen an immense amount of success from this Facebook campaign. In just four months the Chamber has received over 886 vacation planner requests from this campaign alone, with an average cost per lead of $1.69 and an on-site conversion rate of 18.43%.

While each of the targeting methods have proven to be very effective, remarketing to Bishop's Facebook fans and website visitors has been the most successful - each had conversion rates above 20%. The Chamber was so impressed by the results achieved that they invested in creating a digital visitor guide to reach a wider range of requests.

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