With the 4.1 release rolling out to your platform (simpleview.dmplocal.com) the evening of 5/2/2017, we are pleased to announce some of the many features included. (Your users will not be impacted.)

From the updated PDF Customizer to even more updates to MAM (Marketing Asset Manager), the 4.1 update is sure to be the most robust platform to date.

Let’s take a look at the feature updates in more detail. Please be logged into the platform in order for the links to work.

  • Bid Book PDF Customization - This has undergone a complete overhaul to make it even easier to update your bid books. While the functionality isn’t significantly different, the interface is much more wizard-like. You can now see the area you are customizing in your bid book displayed in the PDF preview. Rendering speed has been greatly increased, and Distribion has updated the back-end rendering hardware and software to the newest version. NOTE: This new server hardware/software is retroactively compatible so no changes will be required to your current bid book, but you will be able to use the updated PDFLib Block plugin version 5 and Acrobat DC.
  • Menu and Navigation - Your interface has been updated to accommodate for modernizing the look and feel of the platform and reducing the space used.
  • Collateral Picker - With the new 4.1 release roll out, you will see an upgraded version of the collateral picker. The look and feel is more in line with the MAM (Marketing Asset Manager) upgrade Distribion rolled out in the 4.0 release. It will allow for you to edit your images right inside without having to leave the area. And it is the same tool used in the Simpleview CMS.
  • New Look for Reports - A few select reports will feature Distribion’s new look as they work to redesign and improve these throughout 2017. However, in this release the Subscriber report is the first one to get updated. You can find it under the Email Marketing menu off the Administration menu. This report helps you find out more about who your subscribers really are and what they are doing.

More information can be found in your platform by going to your Help Menu - > Knowledge Base and then in the upper right corner searching for 4.1. All the information pertaining to this release will display. Additionally, some of the titles above are linked to articles in the Knowledge Base for your ease of use.