Airs Tuesday, November 6 at 11AM PST / 2PM EST

We have many personalities here at Simpleview, both in terms of products and people.
Despite these personalities, our people and products work together in an integrated fashion, like a well-oiled machine. Whether you have a couple of our services or everything Simpleview from A to Z, there are a plethora of ways our products and services can work together to maximize your productivity and market your destination as best as possible.

Integration is the key and our "Multiple Personalities of Simpleview" webinar next Tuesday, November 6, will highlight how the information gleaned from our products and services can easily flow across multiple platforms. From setting up forms within CRM, to posting them to your website, to using that data within Act-On, to reviewing this data within Dashboards … we’ll cover it all.

Join our panel of subject matter experts as we pass the baton of information from one Simpleview product to the next, illustrating how all our “personalities” work together.