Airs Tuesday, November 13 @ 11AM PST / 2PM EST

Last week, we rolled out Marketplace, a new feature in your CRM designed to engage your partners in destination promotion. Next Tuesday, we’d like to tell you about it -- LIVE!

Join Product Specialists Robyn Temple and Becki Scheel, as well as CRM Product Manager Kara Kaczmarzyk, to learn more about this handy tool and the many benefits it can provide your DMO. We’ll highlight how information collected from local businesses, using Marketplace Promotions, automatically populates into the Simpleview CRM.

We’re excited to share how you can use Marketplace to reach out to prospective members/partners and also serve your existing ones. You’ll see how Marketplace streamlines many DMO processes, saving you and your stakeholders time and energy.

Learn how Marketplace can be used to:
  • Promote DMO-sponsored campaigns such as Restaurant Week or Spa Week
  • Facilitate new membership or partnership registration
  • Collect data for listing updates and/or print guides
  • Garner participation registration for co-op advertising