Airs Tuesday, January 8 @ 11AM PST / 2PM EST
Images are one of the most powerful pieces of content on your website. They can inspire and communicate emotion more quickly than even the most captivating text, visually portraying everything your destination has to offer to your visitors. Because of this, we have recently added new features to the CMS to make image optimization more automatic and organized.

In this webinar, learn how to use the new Set Focus feature to eliminate the need for resizing and cropping images. Also, learn how to use duplicate check, archival and organizational tools like tagging to keep your Asset Library clean and easy to navigate. 
  • Learn how to leverage image categories and CMS tags to 
    organize your images
  • Understand how to use the new image “set focus” and “duplicate check” features
  • Recognize the differences between archiving and deleting images and know when to use each process
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