In a previous blog post on marketing automation, we covered “Three [Basic] Automated Programs Your DMO Should be Using.” If your team is ready to move on to more advanced automated programs, here are three more example programs for you to consider trying.

1. Member/Partner Welcome Packets

When you have a new member/partner sign up, you most likely have a staff member who sends them an email welcoming them and providing next steps or helpful information. Instead of having someone on your team carve out time to manually write, send out, and track member/partner welcome emails, why not automate that process?

Creating this type of campaign will require you to map out the new member/partner journey with all of the touchpoints or emails that you want to send out. Once you have your flow created, you can then create an automated program that will send out those emails and documents over time. Once the program is running, your team will be able to monitor who is opening or not opening the emails. For those new members/partners who are not opening the emails, you can set up alerts to notify your team, so they can reach out and encourage member/partners that the content in those communications is quite valuable and will help them.

2. Convention (Before, During and After) Campaign

The premise of this campaign is very simple. Create a plan to send emails to convention planners who will be holding a large meeting or conventions in your destination’s convention center or other large meeting venues.

Create several emails that you would send leading up to the convention, during the event, and after the event. These emails could include themes such as:

  1. What to bring to the convention
  2. New things to do in your destination
  3. New restaurants and nightlife venues that have opened prior to their arrival
  4. What they will need during the event
  5. A post-event recap or survey to see what they liked or disliked about the venues, the destination, etc.

3. Member/Partner High Engagement Campaign

Similar to a re-engagement campaign, this automated program strategy focuses on getting your members/partners to become more engaged. This can be done by providing them value by offering additional “bonuses” for completing tasks you would like them to do. Tasks like adding quality images to their listings, logging into your systems regularly to provide feedback, attending trainings, and webinars etc. The more actions they complete, the more you should be rewarding them. The more active and engaged they are, the less work you will need to complete on their behalf to make your DMO website and CRM function to their full potential.

Another type of strategy you could try is a training strategy. This is where you are providing your member/partners a series of training emails that are sent out over the course of several weeks or months. The marketing automation platform will track of those who open emails and those who don’t. If they do, then they move through the program. If they do not, you can set up the platform to send additional reminder emails. Lastly, if they just are not staying engaged or involved, then you can set up a notification that can alert your staff to contact those partners via phone to explain the importance of your training program and how it will benefit both of your organizations

As you become more comfortable setting up automated programs on your platform, these are a few of the more advanced programs your DMO should try out in an effort to increase the productivity of your team and to improve member/partner relationships as well.

To learn more about Simpleview’s marketing automation services and strategies, please reach out to your account manager or marketing automation specialist.