Summit attendees tend to keep pretty busy attending receptions, networking, listening to keynote speakers, taking notes at training sessions, and contributing to roundtable discussions. Then, of course, there's exploring Tucson on Open Evening. Next thing you know it's time for the closing party!

Yet in the midst of this whirlwind of activity, inspiration, and exploration, you may still find a rare moment of downtime. Naturally, this few minutes of stillness in an otherwise continuous current of happenings baffles busy, driven attendees. What does one do with a break between sessions?

Keep the Energy Going

Fortunately, the JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass Resort & Spa offers up plenty of options to productively use that time ... or even better, just unwind a bit. All without leaving the beautiful, expansive grounds of the Summit venue. Below are a handful of options:  

  1. Work it Out: Grab your workout clothes and get in some time at the gym. The JW's spa fitness center features cardio equipment and free weights, so there's no excuse for slacking even during Summit. (Sorry.)
  2. Take the Plunge: This is Tucson. In April. Yes, it's delightfully warm enough to swim or cruise the Starr Canyon River on an inner tube.
  3. Put Pen to Paper: Send a few postcards home. Remember when people use to do that? Write postcards? Use stamps? (Millennials: It's like the non-virtual version of Instagram.) You'll find everything you need for a little unexpected old-school correspondence in the resort gift shop or at the on-site UPS store.
  4. Shop Around: Pick up a tasty snack, a pair of poolside flip-flops, or a Tucson souvenir (or ten) at the resort gift shop.
  5. Grab a Bite: Catch up with old friends over your favorite coffee or take a tea break at the on-site Starbucks.® Dine out on the Primo Patio, or sit down for a meal at any of four resort restaurants.

Stop & Reflect

If you've been go-go-going from sessions to networking meals with not much time for yourself, there is another option, of course, for between-session break time. Stop. Find a quiet place-your resort room, a poolside lounge chair, a corner table in an on-site restaurant-and just take some time to stop, rest, and reflect. Gather your thoughts and make sure you're getting the most out of your experience. Maybe even ask yourself some questions that will solidify the details you want to take back to work with you. For example:  

What did you learn? (Information & Resources)

What's something new you learned that you never knew before coming to Summit?  

  • Why did this "something new" stand out to you?
  • How can you make this new information, tool, or technique work for you and your team?
  • How can you best communicate new information/pass along training to your team when you return?
  • What can you take away from Summit that will enhance your personal growth? Networking tips? Speaking style inspiration? 

When did inspiration strike? (Opportunities)

Which presentation topic, roundtable comment, speaker, or new connection inspired an idea you'd like to try implementing at work? 

  • What was the idea?
  • What are the advantages of this idea to your team/organization?
  • How can you make it work for your team, specifically?
  • What are some further resources you can refer to? 
  • How soon could you test out the idea?
  • What results are you aiming for with this new opportunity?  

Who did you meet? (Contacts)

Who are some of the people you've met that you'd most immediately like to keep in touch with and why? To learn more about their experiences? To do business with them? 

  • When and how will you follow up with them post-summit? 
Which speakers stood out the most to you and why?

  • What can their insights bring to your organization or personal growth? 
  • How can you book them to speak at your organization, retreat, or lunch meeting? 

Thinking over this information now will help you remember your experiences and organize your information and opportunities in order to get the most out of them post-summit.

Whatever you choose to do between Summit sessions, we hope you get the most out of every minute of your experience. Once you're back home and settled back in at work, we hope you'll take a moment to tell us about your experience. We'd love to hear from you.