In part one of our week-long Summit 2019 blog series, we highlighted the advantages of our role-based tracks. With the ability to filter your Summit schedule to find the sessions that will be the most useful for you, you’re guaranteed to take home information that will be directly applicable to your day-to-day responsibilities.

Which brings us to our next reason...

Reason No. 2: More Than 70 Hours of Educational Sessions.

Every Simpleview Summit offers a myriad of training sessions on topics like social media, email campaigns and pay-per-clicks campaigns. These trainings will provide you with valuable insight from industry-leading professionals, and give you the skills you need to implement the products and tactics that you’ll be learning about.

At the rapid pace the tourism marketing industry evolves, it’s imperative you’re on top of trends and new technology. Concepts like big data, marketing automation and artificial intelligence are a reality, and we’re making it our mission to make sure you’re informed!

We’ve also worked to ensure that there are a plethora of sessions that cover various aspects of the Simpleview product suite so you can hone your skills and pick up new ones! This is your chance to ask questions, master new technology and even get certified in some of our products.

Join us May 19 – 22 for the Simpleview Summit 2019 in Downtown Phoenix.