Data forms the foundation for any organization’s success as it provides invaluable insights that inform action. As data privacy, data storage and analytics tracking continue to evolve, destination marketers should stay up to date in this area.

Eric Rankin, VP of Product Development at Simpleview, joins Jason on episode 148 of The Layover Live to talk about the ever-changing world of data privacy. Eric and Jason discuss new data privacy laws and policies that were put in place in 2020 and what destination marketers need to know to stay out of trouble. They also discuss the death of the 3rd party cookie and demystify acronyms you may have heard like IDFA or AAID. And, as always, we share some advice with DMOs on how they can best stay up to date on data privacy laws and highlight resources available.

“The world is demanding accountability at all levels of actions that people and businesses take and certainly cookies and that behavior is no different...You should be reviewing your agreements with your advertising placement folks and agencies around what they are doing for you, what they’re responsible for, and what liability and position that puts them or you in these agreements because the way the law works now, it goes all the way through the chain and no one is off the hook there.” -Eric Rankin


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