Getting Connected

With multiple libraries scattered around the office on every staff member’s computer, Future iQ struggled to find important digital assets quickly and efficiently. Lacking a central system to house and organize their images and files, employees were wasting valuable time searching for the correct assets, while also missing opportunities to showcase their best work. With Barberstock’s help, photos and files are now managed under one organized system —a move that has saved Future iQ and its staff countless hours of work, while improving the overall quality of their services.


The Client

Future iQ is a management consulting and product design firm specializing in future and strategic planning. With a client base spanning regions, communities, industries, corporations and organizations, the company has a global presence offering solutions that impact the local environment to shape unique and effective planning solutions.


The Challenge

Prior to implementing an asset management system, each Future iQ team member kept a personal library of images and documents on their laptops. The majority of company photos were housed on their Creative Director’s computer with no access for other employees or partners. As a global organization, the team was becoming frustrated that there was no central hub that gave every employee access to the broad range of files and images. Opportunities were missed in presenting the best photos available and time was wasted searching for files in various locations.


The Solution

In 2015, David Beurle, CEO of Future iQ, came across Barberstock while working with a client. He was impressed with what the system offered and felt that it would be a good solution for their internal asset dilemma. Barberstock and Future iQ started out on a trial basis to ensure the platform was a good fit for their needs. The initial setup involved various Future iQ employees sending in Dropbox links of the files stored on their computers. Duplication was a big concern, but as the assets came through, the Barberstock production team ran them through software, eliminating any copies. The setup process was described as ‘seamless, efficient and professional’.


The Result

Once implemented, the Barberstock platform was an instant hit with Future iQ’s employees. After a year of use, they experienced a decrease in staff hours wasted searching for files, and an increase in efficiency. Having their assets organized in one place and accessible to all team members and partners has proved to be a game changer. The system is now used to primarily internally store project images and Future Game materials (PDF files), giving Future iQ’s employees and partners across the world instant access to their most up-to-date photos and materials for immediate and easy download.