Part 1 of a Multi-Blog Series
We’ve said before how Stackla is one of the most powerful image search tools available to a DMO. It can perform complex tasks like finding user generated content (UGC) uploaded from an exact spot on a map or searching for photos that have specific words in their captions. 
In this bi-weekly series of blogs, we’ll take a more in-depth look at several Stackla features, and how DMOs can use them to make marketing their destination easier for their team, and more relevant for their visitors. 
The first feature we can’t wait to tell you about is one that DMOs are finding quite useful: Visual Recognition. It answers the question: But, what can Stackla do with the photos once it finds them? Visual Recognition functionality means Stackla can automatically recognize the contents of photos with up to 95% accuracy. 
The Stackla Visual Recognition plugin uses artificial intelligence—trained, machine learning algorithms—to visually scan each piece of visual content as it is aggregated by Stackla, decipher its contents, and automatically apply relevant tags.1 This saves your team time manually tagging the contents of photos, makes visual content more readily searchable, and makes personalizing website content even easier.

Every Curate and Engage Stackla client with Simpleview has the ability to use the Stackla Visual Recognition plugin, which can be activated by your dedicated Social Media Specialist. Then you’re ready to see the time and manpower it saves, while helping you boost your content marketing power.
Automatically sort your destination photos by subject
Need to see all of the photos of sunsets in your destination that Stackla has found?  A simple search can find them by tag. Writing a blog on the best hiking trails in your destination? Simply search within the Concepts filter by “trail”.

Need specific photos of food in your destination? Apply Visual Recognition to your food-oriented search terms and the plug-in will label photos using its library of over 1,000 different types of food. That means not only can you find photos of pizza in your destination, you can find photos of pizza with the exact toppings you prefer to show. 
Just how powerful is the Visual Recognition plug-in? If Leonardo DiCaprio visits your destination and a photo of him makes its way into your Stackla, it will be labeled “Leonardo DiCaprio”. The Visual Recognition feature within Stackla recognizes over 10,000 celebrity faces.
Visual Recognition within Stackla labels photos using a large library of useful tags like: color, person/no person, indoors/outdoors, celebrity, food type, logo/no logo, wedding content, apparel type, and much more. 
Personalize and optimize your digital marketing content
The Visual Recognition feature within Stackla can help DMOs find and utilize content across multiple marketing channels.
  • Blogs - Easily find and sort photos for use on specific blogs. For example, if you’re writing a blog on The 10 Top Beaches in Destination X To Watch The Sunset, use Visual Recognition to sort photos to present you with only shots of “Beach” and “Sunset”.
  • Social Media Content - Producing content 365 days a year about your destination can be a difficult task. Use Visual Recognition to help find relevant photos for special days of the year including wacky holidays. November 3 is National Sandwich Day. Visual Recognition can help you find all the sandwich photos you need with just one simple search. 
  • Fast Website Widget Creation - Google Analytics reports for 18 clients show that the Stackla widget increases time on site, sessions per user, and decreases bounce rate. This suggests that placing widgets on interior website pages can be a great way to encourage engagement and improve website statistics. Find a page that could use a widget, use the Visual Recognition search to find relevant content, and you can quickly build and place a widget that is pertinent to the page. 
As you can see, Visual Recognition is AI that can certainly save your team time, make their job easier, and make your marketing more engaging. Ready to put it to work for your DMO?

How to Start Using Stackla’s Visual Recognition Plugin
Already a Curate or Engage level Stackla customer and want to learn more about Visual Recognition? Contact your Account Manager or Social Media Specialist at Simpleview for a free set-up.
Not a Curate or Engage level Stackla customer? Go to Stackla’s Visual Recognition discovery tool to see examples from your destination, then contact your Account Manager to discuss an upgrade.
1. Hammad, Noor. Introducing Visual Recognition, October 2016.