DMO’s, rejoice. Never has gathering photos of your destination been easier! There’s no doubt that user-generated content is impactful in influencing travel decisions and with Stackla’s Rights via Response plug-in, getting permission to use persuasive UGC is suddenly efficient and inexpensive. 

Simpleview and Stackla have strengthened their partnership and now; all Curate and Engage level clients have Rights via Response available within their Stackla accounts.
In short, Rights via Response within Stackla allows users to make efficient rights permission requests on Instagram photos and then utilize Stackla in tracking the responses of the UGC authors. Some DMOs have used this feature to gather photos for resharing on social media. Other destinations have taken it a step farther and gathered photos for an upcoming visitor guide. 

One user who is gathering photo permissions for a variety of marketing uses is Tiffany Lutka, Marketing & Sales Coordinator for Discover Dupage. In her words:

Knowing these success rates, a DMO could expect to find 100 high quality photos on Instagram and use Stackla to secure the rights to 60-70 of them for use on marketing materials. This opportunity is a significant cost saver compared to contracting with professional photographers. 

Already a Curate or above level Stackla client and want to know more? Contact your social media specialist for a detailed tutorial. Want to become a Curate level client and have access to Rights via Response in Stackla? Reach out to your account manager today!