79% of people say UGC highly impacts their purchasing decisions, which means DMOs around the world are on the right track when they place user generated content at the forefront of their marketing. But UGC just doesn’t show up on a marketer’s desktop, they’ve got to go out and find it and then get the good graces of the photographer to use it. While the effective use of UGC has increased significantly for DMOs, so has the time needed to gain re-sharing permissions from Instagram users. Enter, Stackla’s new Google Chrome extension. Here’s how it can help:

Request Rights Directly On An Instagram Photo

Once installed, the Chrome Extension appears directly on a page featuring an Instagram photo. One simple click and a rights request on the photo is at your fingertips. Watch this:

The Chrome Extension automatically loads one of your customized rights approval messages into your computer’s clipboard. Then, you just paste in the caption in the comments. When that Instagram user responds with your approval hashtag, Stackla will do several things:

  1. Mark the photo as ‘rights approved’ within Stackla
  2. Log the time in which the photo was approved (just in case a sneaky photographer deletes the permission and tries to tell you they didn’t)
  3. Make the .jpg photo file directly available for download within Stackla’s asset manager

You won’t need to check back on the photo ever again to see if you received permission. Stackla will do the checking for you! That means you can request permissions on as many photos as you would like one day and log in the next day to Stackla to see how many photographers gave you the go ahead to use their picture.

The Stackla Chrome Extension also keeps your permission-granted UGC one mouse click away. That means you can find your photo, download it and drag it into a social post, without ever even having to log into Stackla.com.

Lastly, the Stackla Chrome Extension allows an account users to place photos from Instagram directly onto the widgets on their website. See a photo you love on Instagram and want to place it directly onto your homepage? That can be done in a few very simple clicks, directly on Instagram. Simply click the extension icon, tag the photo, make sure it’s set to “Publish” and click “Create Tile”. If the tag corresponds to an in-use widget, the photo will appear instantly on your website

Want to learn more about the Stackla Google Chrome Extension? Head here for information and the link to download. Want a personal tutorial on how to use the extension? You can reach out to one of our Social Media Specialists. Contact Shanda smaloney@simpleviewinc.com or John jfreeman@simpleviewinc.com