As a Simpleview customer, there are two available tools that will be invaluable to your DMO as you work through the recovery period in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic: MINT+, and the Event Impact Calculator

Putting MINT+ to Use in COVID-19 Recovery Efforts

The first tool that we’re excited to talk about is MINT+, which is a destination marketing organization (DMO) industry collective database that’s supported by Simpleview in partnership with Destinations International. It currently has over 130 DMOs currently contributing to this booking and history data and the next generation is going to have some pretty fantastic new features—including new machine learning functionality that will help make the data cleaner and more robust, with less manual entry.

There are some very compelling use cases for MINT+ at this unique point in time. Right now, DMOs aren’t selling as much, but they are getting creative and spending time to warm their audience and nurture relationships. MINT+ can help in this case by allowing DMOs to identify potential future customers as they come back onto the map using the query-builder tool, entering features like meeting size or zip code within a specific drive market.

Taking Advantage of the Event Impact Calculator

The Event Impact Calculator is a critical tool that stands to provide immense value for DMOs at this time. The calculator is fundamentally designed around the concept of “net new money.” It measures the economic value of an event and calculates its return on investment for local taxes. It casts a more precise spotlight on the impact of the events that are held in a destination, thereby arming destination organizations and CVBs with better information, better prepared to make the case to policymakers and stakeholders for the ongoing support, development and growth of the events and meetings sectors. Especially at this time when local economies can take all the help they can get, this kind of information will be huge for DMOs and their surrounding regions, not to mention the travel and tourism more broadly.

To learn more about both of these tools and dive into how you can start using both of them today to support your DMO’s business goals, watch the recording of our recent webinar here. As always, feel free to reach out to your Simpleview team with any questions.