Social media has been proven to be one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to connect with your customers on a regular basis. While ROI still seems to be a hard thing to track, experts say simply being able to reach out on a regular basis and interact with people is invaluable. At JackRabbit Systems, Inc. we understand the importance of utilizing the latest technologies to reach your client base and have put together this list of social media best practices.


Travel is one of the most sought after topics on social media, second to technology. The overall age demographic of social media users has shifted from 18-29 year olds to predominately 30-49 year olds, which falls directly inline with the average age of the majority of leisure travelers (47.5 years old.) The customers you want are using social media channels and it is important you are there to capture them before they decide to visit another destination.


1. Direct Booking
Because so many members of your demographic are on Facebook, it's important to provide them with the ability to browse current rates and availability, and book lodgings right from there! Luckily for you, JackRabbit's Book › Direct software has a sensational Facebook App available to our customers which puts current rates and availability for all your local lodgings right on your Facebook page! For more info and to see how it works, click here.

2. Create Engaging Posts
Photo posts get 39% more interaction than posts with no image. People are visual creatures and want to see what you have to offer. Another technique for creating an engaging post is to ask questions like: "What do you think?" or "What is your favorite...?" or "Would you ever try this?"

3. Conduct Research
Social media is a great platform through which to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of your client base. For example, Facebook lets you conduct surveys through their survey app:, but you can also simply conduct your own surveys through carefully worded questions in your posts. Through questionnaires and surveys you can learn how to better target your products and services to deliver the kinds of things your customers really want. This also helps establish a reputation of being attentive and caring towards your customers.

4. Customer Service
Some might say that a drawback to having a strong online presence would be that it opens up your organization to criticism and negative reviews from the public, hurting you more than helping you. However, the reality is quite the opposite! By giving customers a chance to voice their concerns, you not only gain valuable insight to improvements you can make, that you otherwise may not have been aware of, but you also get an opportunity to respond to unhappy customers and try to fix the problem or at least leave them feeling a little better knowing that you care. Social media gives you the power to take control of your reputation in a way that was never possible before, and that's a great thing! 

THE 5-3-2 RULE
It is important to always focus on your audience more than yourself. Nobody likes to be bombarded by constant self-promotions. That's a fast way to get people to Un-Like your page. Instead, follow these guidelines for creating and sharing content in order to establish yourself as a valuable source of information:

Out of 10 Twitter Tweets, LinkedIn updates, or Facebook posts: 

  • Five should be content from others, relevant to your audience. Share posts from lodgings, events, or attractions in your area. Promote your local service providers!
  • Three should be content from you, relevant to your audience. Post pictures, ask questions, or link to your DMO website.
  • Two should be personal, something non-work related to help humanize yourself and/or your brand. Talk about your favorite food, comment on something happening in the mainstream media (non-political, of course), or participate in trending hashtags.
You do not have to follow this formula exactly, but use it as a guideline when planning and creating your content. Also, try to keep your ‘voice' comfortable, relatable, and somewhat casual as opposed to robotic and formal. 


In addition to posting Monday through Friday, 9AM-5PM, you should try to schedule posts for evenings and weekends. Both Twitter and Facebook have much higher interaction rates at night (9PM-12AM) and on the weekends, especially Sunday. Facebook allows you to schedule posts, and Tweetdeck allows you to schedule Tweets. You may also consider utilizing a service like Hootsuite which allows you to post to multiple platforms at one time and schedule future posts, saving you lots of time! Try it out and see if you notice a difference in your interaction rates!

Social media presence and maintenance takes planning, dedication, and lots and lots of time. Don't worry about trying to be perfect. At the end of the day, something is always better than nothing. If you can implement even one thing from this post then you are well on your way to success!