A Letter from Ryan George, Simpleview CEO

When Simpleview acquired Software Management Inc. (SMI) in March 2014, clients on both sides had questions about what it would mean for them and for Simpleview.

Now six months into this undertaking, I wanted to let you know where we are and why I'm so appreciative of the work being done by our teams in Pittsburgh and in Tucson.

Solid Product Support

  • Our goal was always to have the full SMI team stay on with Simpleview, and I'm happy to say they have
  • Our Pittsburgh office has continued to be the exclusive support resource for D3000 clients
  • That's meant D3000 clients served by people who know the product best with no pull on resources for Simpleview CRM
  • In March, the D3000 group had a queue of 800+ support tickets; today it's under 45, and many customers have told us that support is more streamlined and focused than ever
  • At the same time, the Simpleview CRM support ticket queue has been reduced by 13%, and we're shaved more than an hour off average ticket completion time - all while launching 17 new Simpleview CRM customers 
  • Finally, several employees in the PA office are now cross-trained on Simpleview CRM thanks to one of our top developers who relocated to the Pittsburgh area

Who's on What

  • Today, 59 destinations have migrated or are migrating from D3000 to Simpleview CRM, representing about 23% of our 260+ CRM customers; 22 of those migrations have happened since the acquisition
  • Some of our recent transitions include metro giants like Denver, Seattle and Phoenix, smaller DMOs like Wilmington (NC) and Syracuse, and international destinations like Edmonton
  • Some, like Traverse City and Fort Wayne are moving to Simpleview not just for CRM but also for new creative, web and SEO

What's Ahead

  • As more DMOs move to Simpleview CRM, we'll continue to transition employees from D3000 support so that resources stay synced to the needs for both products
  • We're also hiring more staff to work from the Pittsburgh office to better support our Central and East Coast customers; in fact, even with the acquisition, our customer-to-employee ratio today is the lowest it has ever been with two customers for every Simpleview employee
  • 2014 has also been a big year for growing our R&D teams, and that will continue -- we're investing more than ever before in making sure that our products continue to evolve to serve you far into the future

My Personal Thanks

I'm personally grateful to all the D3000 users now investing their trust in Simpleview CRM and to all our employees whose hard work has made this a true success story for our industry.

Not only have they maintained full support for Simpleview CRM customers, they've raised the bar for D3000 support and helped many destinations already successfully transition between the two.

One last note: As we roll-out the new Simpleview CMS through the end of this year, its integration with Simpleview CRM will make our Web+CRM platform even more powerful. This is a great time to be part of the Simpleview family, and I stand by our commitment to the five-star quality, care, innovation and value our customers know and expect.

Recent & Upcoming Transitions from D3000 to Simpleview CRM

Chicago Northwest, IL
Chicago North Shore, IL
Columbus, OH
Denver, CO
Durham, NC
Edmonton, AB
Fayetteville, NC
Fort Wayne, IN Iberia Parish, LA 
New York, NY
Monroe-West Monroe, LA
Phoenix, AZ
Seattle, WA
Scottsdale, AZ
Springfield, MO
Syracuse, NY
Traverse City, MI
Wilmington & Beaches, NC