New Role to be a "Unifying Force" across Senior Leadership

Simpleview has undergone extensive growth and evolution in recent years. With these changes come greater opportunities as well as more complex challenges.

In response, CEO Ryan George earlier this month promoted Cara Frank, VP of Marketing, to Chief of Staff – a new role that will act as right hand to the CEO in helping the company set and achieve intelligent goals. 

"I see this as a special position within senior leadership," said George. "It's the unifying force behind our work together on organizational effectiveness and customer success."

George noted Frank's acumen and 18 years of industry experience -- including 12 years with Simpleview -- as ideally preparing her for the newly created position: 

"As part of the senior leadership team, Cara has proved her mettle given ever-increasing responsibilities over the past several years, often taking a lead role in company wide initiatives. She's shown skill in helping to manage acquisitions, developing industry relationships and in bringing focus and direction to our work across the leadership team overall."

Frank will transition into the Chief of Staff role over the next several months as the company conducts a search for and integrates a new VP of Marketing.