Before Aviva Pearson started with Simpleview in February of 2012 as its newest Director of Business Development, her goal was to work with a company who had built a strong reputation in the industry and leverage her destination marketing knowledge.

While serving as the CEO for three official and regional Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) in the United Kingdom, Pearson's passion for proven destination management systems developed. After researching the world's top destinations and the technology platforms they used, she started to talk to the CEO of Simpleview, Ryan George, and the rest as they say, is history.

Simpleview is the industry leader in destination management systems (DMSs), providing award-winning software that integrates the company's content management (CMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. While each system can be used as a stand-alone product, they are developed to work together for the most effective tourism management within a destination.

The company's mission is to make their clients more effective in every aspect of their forecasting, marketing, sales, and reporting for leisure, business, MICE, sports, and other tourism markets. The Simpleview platform has helped increase the value of the visitor economy for more than 200 DMOs across the globe, including in Las Vegas, Orlando, New York City, Malaysia, Los Angeles, and Vancouver.

"I have worked with organizations around the world that are unsure of how to best use technology to achieve their goals, both on the front and back end of their online management efforts," said Pearson, "It's my goal to help destinations attract and track their markets, knowing that having a strong DMS solution to track customer behavior, forecast, and target, teamed with a user-friendly website, is the recipe for success."

To help expand into the global marketplace, Simpleview has developed multi-language support and development options. This allows all pages to display their website's copy and build the back-end tools in the DMO's preferred languages. This also includes global search engine optimization (SEO) services, as Simpleview's team can provide keyword analysis and research for any language.

Additionally, Pearson is willing to provide a free technology and website consultation session for any DMO until the end of 2012.

"As Simpleview could be seen as a new player in some global markets, even though we have been around for more than 20 years, I want to be able to show how we can be a true partner and provide solutions that drive sales, awareness, and exposure," she said, "I am more than happy to provide free consultation sessions for any DMO, so that we can show the value of our products and services."

To set up your free consultation, contact Aviva Pearson at or visit for more information about the company.

Simpleview Inc. is an associate member of the International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP), a fast-growing grassroots travel and tourism coalition of global destinations committed to quality service and green growth.


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