CRM & CMS leader formalizes mobile development services to offer DMOs more features and a true one-stop solution for online destination marketing

TUCSON, January 26, 2012 - Simpleview, the leading provider of CRM, CMS and web-based marketing solutions for destination marketing organizations (DMOs) now offers complete in-house development for mobile devices through its newly formalized mobile marketing division.

"The mobile space is becoming more important every day, and soon traditional, mobile and tablet sites will be indistinguishable from one another," said Simpleview CEO Ryan George. "We needed a way to help our customers stay ahead of that trend, and there's an ever-growing number of advanced features and products for mobile marketing that we want to offer DMOs. The best way to meet those goals was to build on our expertise in this area and bring all of mobile development in-house."

George points out that while DMOs have other providers to choose from, Simpleview's mobile sites offer advantages that other companies can't match:

  • A true CRM/CMS integration vs. a latent feed
  • The ability to have mobile site forms feed data directly into CRM
  • Real-time reporting to partners on mobile listing views, clicks and calls
  • Integration with the Destination Travel Network, which generates DMO revenue through enhanced web marketing for industry partners

"With nearly 100 DMO mobile sites already deployed, Simpleview now leads the destination marketing industry in mobile development," George said. "And as the leading company in the industry to offer both CRM and CMS, Simpleview is now further distinguished as the only company that can provide a fully integrated, one-roof solution for a DMO's most critical areas of operation."

In addition to sophisticated sites for smartphones and basic phones, Simpleview offers tablet site development, app development, mobile site packages for servicing meetings, mobile SEO and SMS marketing services.

More information on Simpleview's full set of mobile marketing products and services is available online at

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Simpleview helps destination marketing organizations (DMOs) succeed on every front, from convention sales to tourism marketing and day-to-day operations. The company offers integrated products and services including the industry's most advanced CRM and CMS platforms, powerful forecasting and reporting tools, dynamic websites, sites for mobile web, search engine optimization and interactive marketing. Founded in 1991, Simpleview employs 95+ people with offices in Tucson, Dallas and San Diego serving nearly 200 domestic and international destination marketing organizations.

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