TUCSON, February 17, 2012 - Simpleview hit a new high mark this month as its employee count surpassed 100.

"We consider this one of our most important milestones because it speaks directly to our commitment to our customers," said CEO Ryan George. "We've always made relationships our top priority, and we're keenly aware that size without talent and service is a losing proposition."

Even with the recent addition of Los Angeles, Steamboat Springs, Shreveport Bossier County, and Pinehurst, Southern Pines & Aberdeen Area as clients, bringing the company's current customer base to 200 DMOs, Simpleview has steadily maintained a 2:1 customer-to-employee ratio.

Staying Ahead of Growth
Simpleview has also made structural changes in recent years to stay ahead of growth and better meet client and industry needs, including the creation of dedicated account managers, the transition to product managers and ongoing efforts to extend our API and educate strategic partners as to how they to can work with Simpleview to complement our offerings. The company is also focused on exposing their area-specific experts to the industry in more meaningful ways, whether through their own online user forum, the annual Simpleview Summit, industry speaking opportunities and the creation and dissemination of whitepapers, blog posts, and further social media engagement.

These evolutions, along with Simpleview's 20 years of experience and support from their customers, have positioned the company to help shape important industry initiatives such as DMAI's new EEI calculator, the empowerMINT CRM integration, and direct-connects to hotel partners though Newmarket's MeetingBroker® channel.

"I'd like to say we're delivering the same level of service today as we did back when we had 30 customers," George said. "The truth is, today we're far better. We are more proactive, we have more customer touch points and we are delivering a higher level of expertise to our customers than ever before, but can we do more? Absolutely, and those know us well, know that we will."

About simpleview
Simpleview helps destination marketing organizations (DMOs) succeed on every front, from convention sales to tourism marketing and day-to-day operations. The company offers integrated products and services including the industry's most advanced CRM and CMS platforms, powerful forecasting and reporting tools, dynamic websites, sites for mobile web, search engine optimization and interactive marketing. Founded in 1991, Simpleview employs 100 people with offices in Tucson, Dallas, Minneapolis and San Diego serving more than 200 domestic and international destination marketing organizations.

Media Contact:
Cara Frank
Director of Marketing & Communications
(520) 575-1151