Tucson, April 18, 2011 - Simpleview is pleased to offer our upgraded Client Portal -  now more client-centric than ever. Take a tour of a host of new features just added to the password-protected Client Login area of the Simpleview website, including libraries of training guides, how-to videos, past webinars and more.

If you haven't been on the Simpleview site for a while, you probably haven't seen the major renovation to our Client Login area. We've added new content and changed existing features to make them even better. For now, here's a quick rundown of three new features - simpleApps, Document Library and our Webinars Library.




They're baaack! simpleApps are now available in the Client Login area, giving you an overview of Simpleview's modules and strategic partner integrations. Feel free to shop the Simpleview aisle of products and services while learning more about how our strategic partners can benefit you.

  • See what's new for Simpleview modules and pricing
  • Learn more about our strategic partner integrations, products & services
  • Modules will be continually updated and added throughout 2011
 client login - simpleapps

Document Library

Browse our new document library engineered to better educate and train our clients.

  • Support and help documents available for both Simpleview CRM and Simpleview CMS
  • Filter documents by products and services
  • Have a great training document? Submit it for review and if it can be widely used, we'll add it into the document library!
client login - document library 

Webinars Library

Past webinars and webinars information can now be found in the Client Login area.

  • Review recordings of past training webinars and sales demos
  • View presentations from our partners
  • Register for upcoming webinars
  • Check back often in the next few weeks, we'll add more webinars as soon as they're converted
    client login - webinars 

Projects & Tickets

Our Projects and Tickets section has been updated as well, with tickets now separated by department and project type.

It's a small change, but we think it will make a big difference by keeping tickets from going to the wrong department. As always, you can still see how many of your projects are open at anytime and monitor the status of each.

Our Client Portal has been designed with you in mind, save time and energy with access to our training materials and muse over our latest products and services that can be found in the all-new simpleApps library. Continue to engage in our User Forum and check the status of ongoing projects while simultaneously learning about the newest developments from Simpleview