TUCSON, Ariz. (July 14, 2015) - Simpleview has announced the launch of Destination Dashboards, its standalone data visualization software product designed specifically for destination marketing organizations (DMOs). Built from customer feedback and the need for top level reporting tools across many different platforms, the new Destination Dashboards platform connects to numerous products and services to pull cross group data and build custom analytical snapshots for executives, partners and destination stakeholders.

First revealed at the 10th Annual Simpleview Summit in April, today's announcement marks the newest addition to the company's suite of DMO solutions. While Destination Dashboards operates independently from other Simpleview products, it also fully integrates with the existing Simpleview CRM and Simpleview CMS platforms for even greater reporting capability.

Destination Dashboards features the ability to pull data from any tool with an XML or API data feed, and can even track manual metrics though easy-to-use data entry forms where APIs aren't available. DMOs can gain insights through incredible new visualizations that are intuitive to build, then share them via different dashboards for different audiences. Internal staff, board members, and industry partners can each be given different levels of access with SSL encrypted authentication.

The potential use cases for Destination Dashboards are vast. To name just a few examples, CVBs can demonstrate the impact of group sales on compression, average daily hotel rates, and occupancy rates, or show the impact of weather on arrivals and flight bookings. The tool can even demonstrate increases in website traffic correlated to media spend. Virtually any source can be pulled into the system for internal analysis or sharing at the DMO's sole discretion.

"The development of a centralized business intelligence tool for DMOs was natural for us," stated Ryan George, CEO and co-founder of Simpleview. "A wide array of powerful reports have always existed within Simpleview CRM, but with Destination Dashboards, we've elevated how we communicate that information by pulling in external data from other platforms which will further allow our customers to tell the story they want to tell to the audiences that they want to engage."

Destination Dashboards is yet another step towards Simpleview's mission to create industry standard technology for destination marketing organizations around the world. For more information on Destination Dashboards, visit

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Simpleview is the industry's leading provider of CRM, CMS, website design, search marketing, revenue generation, and mobile technologies to destination marketing organizations (DMOs). Simpleview employs 175+ people and represents 375+ DMOs in North America, Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

Cara Frank, VP of Marketing