New low-cost pricing + mobile upgrade make the most-used CRM even more accessible 

TUCSON, March 14, 2011 - "CRM for everyone, access from anywhere" was the theme of an announcement today by Ryan George, CEO of Simpleview, Inc. as he discussed two major evolutions of Simpleview CRM, the most used CRM platform in destination marketing. First, a new price point makes Simpleview CRM accessible to even the smallest destination marketing organization (DMO) and second, an enhanced mobile CRM product that simplifies anywhere/anytime-access to sales and marketing tools.

CRM for Everyone: $1,200 Price Tag Puts CRM in Reach for Small DMOs

Simpleview CRM - the full product, not a scaled-down version - is now available to DMOs starting at less than $1,200 a year, George said.

"For smaller bureaus, the barrier to using a CRM tailored to destination marketing has always been price. Today, we erase that barrier," George said. "Many bureaus already use versions of lower-cost CRM products not built for destination marketing but "hacked" to fit the DMO landscape."

"Anyone who works in this industry - no matter what size their organization - knows what a CRM system can do in terms of productivity and efficiencies, but they've had to get by with generic software," George said. "Not only does this give any DMO access to the exact same tools used by organizations like Visit Salt Lake and the Greater Fort Lauderdale CVB, it brings them deeper into the community in a way that we believe will transform this industry."

What's in the Box

The new pricing model makes Simpleview CRM available at a cost of $99 per month per user ($1,188 per year for a single user license) with no cost for implementation, which can be completed in two weeks.

The product is implemented "clean" - preconfigured to DMAI recommendations (for market segments and other fields) and ready for users to import their own data in bulk or selectively.
The model includes a full day of remote training via webinar at no cost. As-needed user support is billed at an hourly rate, and customers receive all of the auxiliary benefits standard to Simpleview CRM at no cost:

  • MINT integration
  • MeetingBroker integration
  • Access to the simpleview online Users Forum and Knowledge Base
  • Free ongoing upgrades and product enhancements
  • Free updates to new CRM builds

This price point does not include the support and consulting packages bundled with CRM implementations at higher price points. Data import services and on-site training can be purchased at an additional cost. And while implementation does not replace static website content with dynamic content, using Simpleview CRM creates an "upgrade path" for users who want to later integrate website listings with industry partner content in CRM.

CRM from Anywhere: The New Face of Mobile CRM

George also announced a major enhancement for mobile access to Simpleview CRM.
"When we created the first web-based CRM built just for DMOs in 2005, having it in the palm of your hand wasn't really a need, and it wasn't really possible. Today, it's both possible and critical," George said.

Though Simpleview CRM has always been accessible on mobile devices with web browsers, the interface was designed for a desktop or laptop setting, something that no longer defines the DMO world, George said: "We recognize that today, some of the people who rely on CRM the most - sales staff - are also the ones most likely to be out on the move and not behind a desk."

The new mobile CRM interface has been engineered specifically for users on the go, George said, with simplified touch/click access from any smartphone to contacts, account records, traces, leads, email, phone logs and more.

"Whether you're a salesperson leaving a meeting or a VP on the morning commute, having CRM at your fingertips basically eliminates downtime," George said. "We're making all of those tools and all of that data as simple to navigate as our best mobile sites. Best of all -once again - the new interface will be available to all users, at all price points, at no additional cost."

Simpleview will debut the new mobile CRM interface, along with several other CRM enhancements currently in progress, at the company's annual CVB Summit this May. 

About Simpleview
Simpleview helps destination marketing organizations (DMOs) succeed on every front, from convention sales to tourism marketing and day-to-day operations. The company offers integrated products and services including the industry's most advanced CRM and CMS platforms, powerful forecasting and reporting tools, dynamic websites, sites for mobile web, search engine optimization and interactive marketing. Founded in 1991, Simpleview employs 70+ people with offices in Tucson, Dallas and San Diego serving 170+ domestic and international destination marketing organizations.

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