From experiencing breathtaking Missouri River views on the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge to exploring historic train cars at the Durham Museum, there is always something to do in vibrant Omaha, Nebraska.

So, the Omaha Convention & Visitors Bureau decided to emphasize the area's more playful aspects in their site's recent redesign with Simpleview, which was recently released. This includes an oversized, rotating background image to show the exciting nature of the region.

 Omaha_old site  Omaha_new site

Some of the fun features that were implemented into the Omaha CVB's site include:

Omaha paint palette

Customizable Paint Palette 

At the top of every page on the site is a customizable paint palette, allowing visitors to "let their inner artist out" and change the site's color scheme as they want. Our creative and development teams created this with the CVB to invite interaction and increase site "stickiness".

Omaha featured events

Featured Events Widget 

This widget has similar characteristics to other event widgets built for simpleview client sites, but has a flair to it that reflects the playful theme of Omaha's overall site. This allows for an object to be placed at the top of the widget to accentuate a specific event, such as the upcoming NCAA College World Series they are highlighting now.

Feature Footer

The Featured Event's concept was also applied to the site's footer, which allows visitors to sign up for the CVB's e-newsletter. Images of their featured events can be placed there, such as the friendly gorilla that resides there now to represent Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo - home of the famous Hubbard Orangutan Forest and Gorilla Valley.
Omaha footer

We encourage you to check out Omaha's new site ( and consider visiting the city for some exciting and fun experiences with a dose of Midwestern hospitality!