Tucson, January 6, 2012 - Simpleview is pleased to announce the newly designed and consolidated Travel-British-Columbia.com website for the British Columbia Lodging & Campgrounds Association (BCLCA). 

Travel-British-Columbia.com compressed five previous sites into one, creating a site filled with all the outdoor, camping and other travel offerings of a very large and diverse province. Every page on the site features a Flash map, detailing the different provinces and city within each province. The DMO can update information about each city from within CMS, including a brief description, area map, area tour, photo and a link to learn more. Once the link is clicked, the visitor is redirected to a page with information on the history of the area, places to see, things to do, lodging and camping in the area and more!

All pages within the site have a background image; the DMO has the control over each photo on every page with the option to add photo credits. Wanting to keep the focus on the breath-taking scenery of British Columbia, all header images on the site were built to work in conjunction with a Flash map - allowing the map to expand and collapse so as not to conflict with the design.

Find your camp or lodging adventure in Mother Nature's finest beauty, Travel-British-Columbia.com.

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