Barberstock will continue to serve current and new customers as a division of Simpleview


TUCSON, Ariz. (June 26, 2018) - Simpleview, the travel and tourism industry's leading provider of destination marketing technologies, announced at its annual Summit its acquisition of strategic partner Barberstock, a digital asset management (DAM) solution built exclusively for Travel & Tourism professionals. Simpleview purchased the company in late 2017, retaining the entire Barberstock staff and continuing to serve customers as Barberstock, a division of Simpleview. The same Barberstock team will continue to provide exemplary customer service to existing and forthcoming Barberstock clients.

In June 2016, Simpleview announced the launch of a digital asset management integration with Barberstock for the Simpleview tech stack, having worked with the company for nearly 10 years. The integration has given Simpleview users the ability to import Barberstock visual asset libraries into the content management system for use across their websites, increasing marketing process efficiency and empowering a better customer experience.

"As the visual content story becomes more and more important for DMOs, it is key to have their videos and images properly stored, tagged for usage levels, and available for use based on rights and permission levels,” said Cara Frank, Simpleview’s Vice President of Marketing. 

“I shared at Summit that Simpleview remains committed to bringing our DMO clients the best solutions to serve them and their customers, whether that means building, buying, or partnering to do so,” said Ryan George, Chief Executive Officer of Simpleview. "With this latest acquisition, we’re excited to bring another robust, DMO-focused tool into the Simpleview family of products and services, and back it with additional travel and tourism expertise and support.” 

Current Barberstock clients will continue to use the convenient and highly efficient DAM they know and trust. Present and future Simpleview clients will have the option to integrate Barberstock to increase efficiency of digital marketing campaign production.

About Barberstock

Barberstock Systems is a digital asset management (DAM) solution built exclusively for Travel & Tourism professionals. This cloud-based, Software as a Service (Saas) platform will store, organize, manage and distribute any digital file including photos, videos, logos, and documents. With close to 100 DMOs and CVBs currently using this solution to manage their content libraries, Barberstock is the leading DAM within Travel & Tourism and is dedicated to continuously developing new features to simplify the life of today's Tourism Marketers.

About Simpleview

Simpleview is the travel and tourism industry's leading provider of CRM, CMS, website design, digital marketing, revenue generation, and mobile technologies for destination marketing organizations (DMOs). Simpleview employs 250+ staff and works with over 550+ customers in North America and around the world, from meeting and vacation destinations the size of Paducah, Ky. (population 25,018), to 16 of the top-20 meeting destinations in the U.S., to the country of Norway.
Media Contact
Cara Frank, Vice President of Marketing at Simpleview