A look at one way Simpleview supports the ideas behind Project: Time Off's National Plan for Vacation Day year-round

Simpleview is supporting the first ever US Travel's Project: Time Off National Plan for Vacation Day Celebration on January 31.

Realizing the importance of vacation time is not something new to Simpleview, not only because our clients are Destination Marketing Organizations, but because the company's leadership team realizes the importance of work/life balance for overall employee and company health and success. One company initiative that demonstrates this is the SimpleStar program.

The idea behind the SimpleStar initiative is simple: balance is important; work hard, vacation well. The SimpleStar program awards one lucky employee per year, nominated by their peers as going above and beyond in their work, with an expenses-paid vacation. This includes airfare, lodging, meals and transportation, within a $3,000 budget. Five days of paid time off (PTO) are added to the winning employee's annual balance for the year in which the trip is redeemed.

Here's how SimpleStar award program works:

A SimpleStar award is used to recognize an employee's contribution that has exceeded expectations for exceptional performance. The contribution would be for any action or accomplishment that is beyond the scope of the employee's regular day-to-day activities and assignments or for exemplifying our core values.

The Defining Characteristics of the SimpleStar Award are:

S-Significant contribution to the bottom line, to productivity, innovation, to exemplifying our core values, customer satisfaction, solutions or Great Place to Work

T- Technology/Teaching/Teamwork



Any employee can nominate another full- or part-time employee for a SimpleStar award. Nominated employees are acknowledged at the company All Staff Meeting and in the company newsletter. They are also entered into an annual drawing to win an expenses-paid vacation and additional PTO. If an employee is nominated more than once during the year, or their performance not only deserves recognition but clearly goes above and beyond to make a significant contribution to the company bottom line (ex: cost savings, productivity or safety improvements, client satisfaction), that nominee receives more than one entry into the annual drawing, which takes place during the Simpleview Summit users conference in the spring.

This program not only encourages and rewards hard work, but acknowledges the importance of vacation for our hard-working staff.

According to Project: Time Off's studies, The State of American Vacation 2016, and The Work Martyr's Cautionary Tale, 89% of managers agree that by using time off, employees can de-stress, improve their health and wellbeing, and cut down on sick days and burnout. The majority (84%) of managers also agree that employees return to work after vacation with greater focus and creativity.

Project: Time Off also found that 65% of employees say their company says next to nothing about time off.

Simpleview sets itself apart from this statistic, offering generous PTO benefits to all employees, and initiatives like SimpleStar that add to time off and encourage a vacation. This is why Simpleview was proud to support Project: Time Off's "Plan a Vacation Day" celebration on January 31, which emphasizes the importance in planning a vacation and taking earned time off.

Read more about the importance of planning at www.ProjectTimeOff.com/PlanForVacation

More About National Plan for Vacation Day
National Plan for Vacation Day is a national observance dedicated to encouraging Americans to plan their vacations for the rest of the year at the start of the year. According to Project: Time Off, a national movement to transform American vacation attitudes and behaviors, individuals who plan their vacation time for the year are more likely to use all their time off and take longer vacations. Learn more at ProjectTimeOff.com/PlanForVacation and join the conversation with #PlanForVacation.