As you may be aware, Facebook is making some changes to the way platforms, such as our user-generated content platform partner Stackla, can access Instagram hashtag content.

Don’t worry! Stackla has been working with the folks at Facebook and Instagram to ensure that our users can still aggregate hashtag content the way they always could.

However, there has been a lot of information and misinformation about the changes to Instagram’s hashtag APIs and what that means for your UGC aggregation. So, let’s set the record straight on the changes Facebook has made and how Stackla has responded to them.

What Has Changed?

Aggregating content via mentions and hashtags now requires an Instagram Business Profile.

In order to access hashtags or @mentioned content on Instagram, you will now need to connect an Instagram Business Profile to your Stackla Stack.

That means if your account is not an Instagram Business Profile you’ll need to convert your account to a Business Profile.

We will gladly walk you through connecting your accounts if you experience any issues—it only takes three minutes, we promise!

Each Instagram Business Profile can aggregate content from up to 30 hashtags in any 7-day period.

This should be more than enough hashtags for most of you but if you do need to aggregate content from more than 30 unique hashtags within a 7-day period, Stackla allows you to connect additional Instagram Business Profiles to your Stack.

If you are attempting to aggregate from too many hashtags within a 7-day period, Stackla will display a warning so you can proactively connect additional Business Profiles or reconfigure your Stackla Terms.

Location data is no longer included with content aggregated by hashtags

Because location data is no longer available from hashtag posts, naturally we are unable to include or exclude content based on location. This means that, unfortunately, the geofencing functionality previously available when configuring an Instagram Hashtag Term in Stackla is no longer available.

For customers who currently have Instagram Hashtag Terms with Geofencing configured, your Simpleview-Stackla Manager will be in touch to walk you through your options to reconfigure.

Third-party platforms can only comment on Instagram posts that include a mention of your Instagram Business Profile in the post caption or comments

Instagram has restricted the ability for brands using third-party applications to comment on users’ posts unless the user has directly mentioned the brand in a caption or comment.

This means the key to successful Instagram-focused campaigns now centers around building calls-to-action (CTAs) that combine a @mention with a hashtag.

Stackla allows you to use a combination of mentions and hashtags when aggregating content. Their automation rules make it easy for content aggregated using a mention of your Instagram handle to be tagged and managed based on the presence of a hashtag in the post.

To learn more about the why this combination of @mentions and hashtag CTAs are valuable to your organization, read Stackla’s latest blog.

Aggregating Instagram Business Stories and Photo Tags are now possible

These new features are ones a lot of brands have been holding out for!

When your Instagram Business Account is tagged in a post, you can now aggregate it.

Additionally, if you’re posting Instagram Stories, you can now bring these into Stackla to display in your Widgets and Event Screens.

And Stackla just added the ability to pull in Top Posts from Instagram searches. So, if you have over 10 thousand photos on Instagram with a specific hashtag, you can now tell Stackla to only pull the ones with the most engagement. This way, you have easy access to all of those amazing photos at the top of an Instagram search.

For all the nitty-gritty details on updates you need to make in your Stack to continue aggregating Instagram hashtags, read this support article from Stackla.

Still have questions? Want a personal walkthrough of the new features? Contact your Simpleview-Stackla Social Media Success Manager today. Shanda ( and John ( are ready to answer your questions and provide any support you may need.