Using storytelling-based campaigns as part of their marketing strategy allows DMOs to connect with their audiences, which can lead to increased interest and ultimately, a visit. Telling local stories can be done in many ways, including through social media, video and a host of other mediums, such as podcasting. 

In a recent episode of The Layover Live, Jason and I discussed ways DMOs could incorporate audio into their content marketing and shared some examples of destinations that are doing a great job with audio marketing. 
For this week’s episode, we invited one of those DMOs to discuss this topic. Jason is joined by Heather Walter, Marketing Director of Visit Bucks County, to talk about local storytelling. Heather shares a behind-the-scenes look at Bucks County's podcast "From the Locals" and talks about how DMOs can utilize podcasts to tell their destination's story.

“We go out and meet with partners and hear their stories about their’s hard to sometimes tell those stories on our website or Facebook. How do we come back and convey those pieces that make us so excited when we are out visiting tourism partners? We landed on our podcast being about the stories behind the entrepreneurs and why they ultimately chose to start their businesses in Bucks County.” -Heather Walter