A domain is to a website what a street address is to a business. That is, it's not the thing itself, but it tells you where to find it -- and maybe even a little bit about what to expect inside. And, just as a business moving to a new location is a complicated process that can cause disruptions, changing your domain can also have a major impact on your website traffic.  

Considering a domain change for your destination website? 

There are many things to consider when switching domains, starting with the words you include within the main part of the domain, and extending to which top-level domain you choose (.com, .org, or if you're targeting other countries, one of their many options). You’ll also want to think about obtaining an SSL certificate, choosing subdomains, building and updating links, and much more. All of these different factors can affect your website traffic to varying degrees. 

At Simpleview, we've guided dozens of websites through this major shift over the years, and that experience has enabled us to learn a lot about the particular concerns of domain selection for DMOs and CVBs. We’ve been able to measure the typical impact of making a change of this magnitude, and identify ways to lessen that impact and quickly regain traffic. 

To learn more about the potential impact of changing your domain - and how you can minimize the effects of doing so - we encourage you to download our recently published second edition of the State of DMO Search report.