Visitors of Saskatoon have a plethora of choices, from hiking the Meewasin Valley trails to cultural events to world class cuisine and more. Saskatoon is in central Saskatchewan, Canada, and the South Saskatchewan River winds through the 8 bridges criss-crossing the city. It is also the home of University of Saskatchewan, which is known for leading-edge technology and its international student body.

Tourism Saskatoon decided it was time to update their website and present potential visitors with a peek into what the city has to offer. 

Saskatoon_Before and After

The new design incorporates the vibrancy of the city and the logo colors throughout the different pages. The colors help bring more life into the different navigational options, as well as highlight the different events and calls to action.


Saskatoon incorporated the BookDirect Module, by JackRabbit Systems, to offer visitors direct links to book hotels from their website. Other website module additions include Google Maps and Social Bookmarking.


 Explore the charming town of Saskatoon for yourself and make sure to check out their website!