It’s the most wonderful time of the year and if you’re like everyone else, you’re busy getting ready for the holidays. But taking time out of your busy schedule for a quick app update can ultimately be worth a lot!

red snowflakesIt may sound cheesy, but you can attract more users around the holidays if you update your apps with holiday-themed designs and features. Adding some simple snowflakes and candy canes for Christmas or hearts for Valentine’s Day can make your app stand out and appear less generic. 

Plus, travel apps are more likely to be promoted around the holidays, so making seasonal updates doesn’t just improve your user experience, it also gives you the opportunity to show Apple and Google that you’re itching to get into their holiday spotlight! 

Here are five more tips for an effective seasonal update: 

Screenshot City of Fishers Play Fishers app1. Update Your App With A Holiday Theme

If you want to get ahead of the game, you can use the drafts feature to start planning and updating your seasonal app content for the entire year starting on January 1. Make changes in the MAS such as updating the imagery to use more festive colors and fonts, but keep them hidden from your users until you’re ready to publish. City of Fishers, IN (iOS and Android) has seasonal content ready to go for every major holiday, so all they have to do now is publish the containers when the time comes!

2. Work On ASO For Christmas

​As important as it is to update the look and feel of the app, it’s also important to improve your app store page as well. We can resubmit the app to update your festive keywords, seasonal app icon (Santa hat anyone?), and/or screenshots of your revamped app content and theme.

  • Why Holiday ASO is worth it:
    • By optimizing your app for the holidays you can:
    • Get featured in a specialized holiday app category
    • Be re-featured on the app store individually
    • Re-engage old users with new graphic

Screenshot of Valley Forge app3. Offer Holiday Promotions

Use the app to promote discounts, partners, local shops, promotions and more! Apps like Visit Valley Forge (iOS and Android) leverage our crowd tool to offer exclusive discounts that can only be accessed in the app with a secret code. 

4. Reward Repeat Customers 

If you use our passport tool, you can easily identify your repeat customers and can reward them this time of year using their associated email address. Who doesn't love a coupon code or a promotional offer simply for being a valued repeat customer?

5. Use Push Notifications

Push notifications are incredibly useful this time of year. You can use them to remind users that have not opened your app in a while that you’re still present and valuable. If you’ve updated the app with new content or imagery, why not send a push letting them know? You can also send notifications to deliver coupons, let your users know about promotions, and inform customers about holiday partnerships. And don't forget VisitApps offers additional messaging tools such as Open Response, Quick Polls and categories that allow you to further engage with your users, especially on happy occasions.

If you need help implementing any of these seasonal app updates, reach out to your client success manager today!