Your Annual Report—one of the most important documents any Destination Marketing Organization has to prepare. This yearly report showcases your efforts and effectiveness at promoting your destination for your stakeholders. Sure, you include monies you’ve spent and return on investments, but have you added everything you’ve done?

Among your financials and other important metrics is marketing. Traditionally, this report includes website analytics and social media engagement data provided by the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

With DTN managing your website advertising program, you are able to report those results provided to you through The Portal as well.

"We've brought all the key performance indicators of your website advertising program into one centralized, web-based reporting platform. The Portal includes detailed information on current advertisers, ad performance metrics and the financial impact of the website advertising program." said Tyler Bailey, DTN Operations Manager.

So how do you pull reports from The Portal, and which ones should you look at?

Good question. We have the answers!

To begin, log into The Portal and click on the Reports link. Among the many reports, you’ll find three reports that directly target performance related to your DTN Ad Network program: Ad Performance Detail, Revenue Detail and Active Advertisers.

The Ad Performance Detail report is the one stop spot for, you guessed it, digital advertising performance. Simply click on the link, choose the timeframe you want to report on and click on Refresh. You’ll find results grouped by ad type and a grand total of Impressions, Clicks (your digital referral to your stakeholders) and the Click Through Rate (CTR).

The Revenue Detail report delivers revenue data for your digital advertising program. Click on the report link, select the timeframe you want to report on and click on Referesh. The report is broken into three categories: DTN revenue share, DMO revenue share and the Gross revenue share listed by advertiser and by grand total for whatever time frame they want

Finally, the Active Advertisers report provides all of the information you could want about your active advertiser contracts. You can choose to show All Advertisers, Current Advertisers or Future Advertisers. The report is broken out by specific advertiser and includes a total for six facts:

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), the total the advertiser spends by month
  • Total Contract Value (TCV) for the original contract
  • Contract Start Date & Contract End Date
  • Term: the term of the current agreement in months; month to month advertisers are noted by the number one.
  • Total Contract Value (TCV) Remaining is the revenue remaining on the contract
  • Program details are the placement specific details of the advertiser contract

“DMOs want to share revenue, reach and performance,” explains Tyler, “While there are many valuable reports in The Portal, these three include the performance metrics in an easy to grab and easy to follow format.”

The Portal was developed by Simpleview and DTN to be a resource for publishers and bring more value to the program for the DMO and the advertiser. If you’d like more information about how to use The Portal, contact Vicki Doyle to schedule a demonstration. Keep an eye out for online tutorials coming soon!

Questions about logging on to the DTN Portal? We can help! Link to these “How To” documents or contact Vicki Doyle for assistance!