At Simpleview, we’re dedicated to the personal educational development (PED) of our staff. We make it a priority by offering every employee $2,500 annually, after 90 days of employment, to pursue their passions, attend conferences, continue education and explore new avenues that benefit them, our customers, and our company.

This means Simpleview covers registration fees, hotel, and travel expenses for employees to attend conferences, workshops, or trainings. PED dollars can also be applied to classes or certification programs. For Simpleview staff, it translates to an investment in building expertise and expanding interests. For our clients, it means every Simpleview team member involved with a project is on top of the latest trends and can provide consistently excellent recommendations.

Many dedicated and talented Simpleview team members who are quite interested and invested in the client experience, the company offerings and how we can make them better, and ongoing education as a whole, have gathered immense benefit from their PED adventures, and brought those benefits back to the company and the client experience. PED has been an overwhelmingly positive option and a greatly appreciated learning opportunity with our staff, and continues to offer great potential to inspire solutions, innovations, and new perspective.

In the past, we’ve shared through blogs a few of the outstanding experiences our team members have been able to take advantage of with the help of our PED program, from travel opportunities to advanced technology instruction, networking to new perspectives. Keep an eye on our blog as we continue to share these opportunities with you, highlighting information, insights, and resources touching on travel, marketing, content, customer service, coding, design, analytics, and much more. We hope they inspire you to try something new, and maybe even teach you a trick or two.