The Simpleview-owned ad network, Destination Travel Network(DTN), has collaborated with the Simpleview CMS and product teams to develop a seamless integration with the Simpleview CMS to deliver DTN paid content that actually looks and reads like content.

The setup uses the Simpleview CMS widgets to serve Collections slide content through the ad server and back to the site. The content adopts the look and feel of site content, but carries the unique delivery and monetization benefits of DTN content. The same process applies for our DMO partners with non-Simpleview sites, except content is delivered in HTML format.

More importantly, the move to a content-based product embraces the idea that the content should be less about the advertiser and more about the visitor. Our support team works tirelessly to help our advertisers in the production of engaging, visitor-focused content.

For our visitors, the change equates to the delivery of relatable, relevant content that speaks to their needs in the trip-planning and inspiration-building process. For our advertisers, it means delivery of content that is more likely to convert, a lift in program performance and long-term engagements with DTN. For our DMO partners, this means happy members and partners and more shared revenue.

The shift to paid content is a standard part of DTN site launches. In fact, nearly all of the sites launched in the last two years are running content (and not banners). And boy, have we learned some things over the last two years.

Stay tuned for more details about how DTN paid content works and learn more about our best practices, success stories and other insights.