Google continues to make changes to its Analytics interface. Google Analytics users will now see new labels to Visits (now Sessions), and Unique Visitors (now Users).


Google didn't announce this change, but last week users began seeing the new labels. The definitions of these metrics didn't change and a session (visits) is still defined as a period of time a user is actively engaged with your website.  A User (unique visit) is still defined as users with at least one session within the selected date range.

Universal Analytics

The new version of analytics is positive for Destination Marketers because you can view additional data about people coming to your sites, especially, you can learn more about what they do when they are there.

One of the main benefits of the new version of Google Analytics is the ability to track visitors as they move across the web and use different devices such as Smartphones, tablets, and desktop.

Additionally, you will have more control over settings. For example, visitor sessions last 30 minutes by default before re-setting as a new session after a period of inactivity; however, a few edits will change the session length to whatever you want. The minimum is 1 minute and the maximum is 4 hours.

Should You Switch?

Eventually Google will make all accounts switch to the new platform, but there is time. The Simpleview SEM department will be migrating all SEO clients to Universal Analytics by the end of the year. If you have questions, please contact your SEM Analyst or Account Manager.