simpleview CRM now delivers even greater value with our free MINT integration.

After more than a month of beta testing with the Metropolitan Tucson Convention & Visitors Bureau, simpleview went live with its MINT integration this past July, simultaneously enabling MINT functionality for all simpleview CRM clients.

Today, ten clients are using the integration for full, two-way interaction with MINT: searching and pulling information from the database into simpleview CRM as well as uploading new information -- future bookings and histories -- to the MINT database.

If you use simpleview CRM and already subscribe to MINT or if you are planning to subscribe, here's the information you should know about our integration as it stands today.

How much does your MINT integration cost?

While DMAI maintains its standard subscription fee, our integration is free to all simpleview CRM users. No set-up charge, no one-time licensing, no monthly cost. Zero. Zilch. Free!

What can I do with your MINT integration?

The core functions are designed to give DMOs the best balance of sharing information while maintaining control of their own account records. It's easy to remember them as 4 S's: Send, Search, Save and Sync.

  1. The ability to send future bookings and history data to MINT with one click, which eliminates the extra work (and extra mistakes) of having to manually enter data in two places.
  2. The ability to search and save data for prospecting and research. And if you pull an account that's not already in your CRM, the integration automatically creates a new account within your CRM and intelligently maps the MINT data to your set-up.
  3. The ability to sync data on a rolling/real-time basis by creating links between MINT and your CRM.

    Example: when you update the phone number for a meeting planner associated with an account that new info gets written to MINT and also streams out to everyone who has set up syncing for that MINT account.

    On the DMO side (when someone else updates data that gets down-streamed to you), you can accept or reject new info for your CRM on a field by field basis, letting you accept a new phone number while rejecting an email address overwrite, for example.

Will I still need to log into for certain functions?

No -- all functions are available from within simpleview CRM, so you never have to leave the tools you already use every day.

Will I need to create a new "history" record once an event has passed?

No -- if you created a future booking for an event, once the event has passed and you've logged pick-up data and other info, you can convert to history with one click.

What if MINT's categories and data fields don't match ours?

We've built in intelligence that handles many of the more common discrepancies automatically. For all other mismatches, you'll be prompted to assign info where you want it on a field-by-field basis.

What if I don't have all the data MINT requires when I send a history?

If you're missing information that MINT requires, the record will be marked as incomplete and show up in reports as a trace.

How do we make this happen?!
If you're already a MINT subscriber and would like to activate your MINT/simpleview CRM integration, just let your account manager know. If you're not yet a MINT subscriber but would like to become one, you can begin the sign-up process at