Simpleview kicks off 2010 with new products, new destination marketing websites and new ways of working with clients

April 16, TUCSON — Two new products highlight Simpleview's first quarter 2010, alongside the launch of new destination marketing websites and kickoffs with new clients.

MINT Integration and Online Bid Book for Meeting Sales

"Adding MINT integration marks an important step forward for Simpleview CRM," said chief technology officer Bill Simpson, who worked closely on the project with DMAI, which maintains MINT's 40,000+ records.

"Having MINT data on hand from within Simpleview CRM offers incredible convenience for meetings sales teams and, we hope, a significant sales advantage for CVBs."

Q1 also saw the internal/beta launch of Simpleview's online bid book, a product the company planned throughout 2009 in collaboration with a focus group drawn from multiple DMOs. The product offers a cost-effective, time-efficient path to creating one-off websites to replace or augment the printed bid books prepared when pursuing a meeting sale.

New Client Engagements and Site Launches
Simpleview launched four new destination marketing websites in Q1:

Additionally, two new clients, Newport Beach and Corvallis, kicked off website development and/or CRM engagements with Simpleview during first quarter 2010.

New Talent and New Service Models
In January, Maria DelVecchio joined Simpleview as creative director, bringing more than 20 years of creative, interactive marketing and management experience to the company, including 12 years of agency work and deep experience in tourism marketing. The company also made two significant changes to its client service model in Q1 2010:

  • simpleSupport plans now offer clients monthly, flat-rate, bundles for website and interactive marketing services, account planning and site maintenance and support, as well as added-value incentives and simplified billing
  • Account Services now give clients a single point of contact empowered with high-level coordination, account planning and quality control for all website and interactive marketing activities

Focus on Value
"We all know the past couple years have been especially tough on travel and tourism," said Simpleview CEO Ryan George, "but we're seeing the beginning of a recovery. Many of our customers reported either that they saw a good first quarter or at least the worst seemed to be behind them. In any case, we're going to stay focused on delivering value and helping our clients make the most of their sales and marketing efforts in every way we can."