Tucson Convention and Visitors Bureau

The Metropolitan Tucson Convention and Visitors Bureau (MTCVB) had been using an antiquated system to manage leads and industry partner records. As a result, many business opportunities were lost or poorly managed. They set out to procure a reliable, easy-to-use sales management system to streamline their account and lead management processes as wells as their lead distribution and reporting procedures. During their research and discovery, the bureau realized their database management challenges and limitations were bogging down every department and staff member within the organization. Additionally, the Metropolitan Tucson CVB was interested in a system that would seamlessly integrate with their website to eliminate the redundancy of tasks related to maintaining industry partner records in multiple databases.

The simpleview Choice and Solutions:
Simpleview Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was a natural choice to meet the Tucson CVB's sales lead struggles. Not only does the system transform valuable data into actionable information and opportunity for their industry partners, it helps DMOs to manage the sales process efficiently from start to finish. Simpleview CRM's inherent reporting functionalities allow DMOs to track economic impact in real time. In order to manage their website content quickly and easily, MTCVB also chose to use Simpleview Content Management Solutions (CMS). They found Simpleview CMS required very little training and within a few hours, staff members easily mastered the system and started to interact with the website in a more powerful way. So what was the final factor in the Simpleview choice? "When we started looking for solutions to meet our needs, we were looking for a partner that not only had a great product, but someone that we could trust," says the MTCVB Vice President of Sales and Marketing Rick Vaughan. "It is important to have that trust so that if something goes wrong or you need service, they are there quickly to consult with you. Simpleview is very reliable and knows the industry extremely well, which is invaluable."

Since the implementation of Simpleview CRM, MTCVB's leads, sales, website administration and overall organizational efficiency has been standardized, optimized and streamlined. With Simpleview CMS powering their website, the staff and the organization are thinking more strategically and have the powerful tools they need to execute their plans. As a result, visitors are spending more time on the website and engaging the destination in a more meaningful way. "Simpleview CRM and CMS have been nothing short of spectacular," says Vaughan. "We are maximizing all leads, and we are now able to follow them through the pipeline efficiently. Even better, we are able to pull reports quickly so we can manage and assess progress and show our value and results."