Austin 2012 Site LogoIf you're in Austin, Texas, it's nearly a guarantee that you'll be entertained by live music. From walking through the Austin Airport and shopping at local grocery stores to stopping by the nearly 200 music venues in the city, this special destination is alive with the sounds of talented musicians playing their songs. After all, it is the Live Music Capital of the World®.

With the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) using this citywide trait as a core marketing focus, our team worked with the CVB staff to develop a new site that allows visitors to truly explore the local music scene and share those experiences with their friends through social modules.

Austin 2012 Before After

Some of the new, innovative site features and functionality includes:

  • Social Media Header - The Austin CVB has plenty of amazing pictures of its city and its lively events, but they also have passionate visitors and locals who openly share their experiences on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and others. Together with the CVB, we combined an animated header on the homepage with posts and tweets to provide context for each shot and tell the world that Austin's CVB uses social media...and encourages its visitors to do the same.

Austin 2012 Social Header
  • Social Media Footer - It is only fitting that Austin's site is filled with social content from top to bottom. In the footer, we built a module that pulls in the latest images from the CVB's Flickr, Facebook and Twitter accounts. This creates a way to highlight the best of what people are sharing about Austin and keep the page fresh with new content. If somebody clicks on any of the images, it gets placed into its own shadowbox in full size.

Austin 2012 Social Footer
  • Local Tips and Picks Module - As you can tell, people can be very passionate about Austin. So, the CVB worked with us to take some travel writers' tips and put them on the homepage. Whether you want to find out where to eat, what music venues to visit or where to spend a sunny day in Austin, there have been curated options given in an easy-to-use module.

Austin 2012 Tips Module
  • Venue Guide - Many of our clients use their CRM system to help visitors filter information about a destination's restaurants, hotels and attractions. Since Austin is so music-centric, they focus on the live venues you can visit to see the latest local bands and traveling acts. Using our CRM, one can find their next favorite venue through searching by neighborhood, venue type and which type of music the venue typically supports.

Austin 2012 Venue Guide

While much about Austin is all about those sweet tunes, the city also has a vibrant food scene, eclectic shops, world-class museums and some of the liveliest festivals in the country. The Austin CVB can now build awareness of all that's great about their city with the new site. So, visit the latest version of and consider planning your next trip to Texas' capital city.