As a destination marketing organization (DMO), email marketing is one of the most important tools in your arsenal. It’s cost effective and time efficient, and can be used to create highly personalized messages to specific target audiences. For these reasons - and many more - destination marketers often spend a lot of time and resources growing their email lists. 

Myrtle Beach Area Convention and Visitors Bureau is one such DMO that recognized the importance of email marketing, building their email list to more than 770,000 subscribers over many years. On the surface, it was an impressive number that was attractive to stakeholders, but a deeper look into the situation showed a different story. 

Due to low delivery rates and high spam complaints, Myrtle Beach’s Google Sender Reputation was steadily decreasing, putting them in danger of losing access to their email server. 

In an effort to save their domain reputation and increase their engagement rates, Myrtle Beach took drastic measures. With the help of Simpleview’s marketing automation team, they strategically cut their email list by more than 500,000 contacts. 

To learn more about Myrtle Beach’s decision to dramatically cut their email list - and how it paid off with a 230 percent open rate increase - download our latest case study.