March's tip comes from Tim Brechlin, Web & New Media Coordinator at the Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau.  

The Power of Participation

It's crucial to avoid putting yourself in a silo when trying to solve a problem or explore a new avenue. Blogs, forums and other forms of social media are exactly that - they're social. So be social through them. Communicate with your peers. The Simpleview User Forum is one of my first stops on the Web when I come to the office in the morning, simply because I want to see what my fellow DMO professionals are talking about - and offer my input, if any. The odds are that as smoothly as one of your initiatives is proceeding, someone's figured out a way to do it just a tiny bit better ... and, conversely, the odds are that you're doing something that others would like to emulate.

But no one will ever improve their practices unless they ask and answer questions. Post in forums, comment on blog posts, have conversations on Twitter, and failing that, pick up the phone and call up a stranger halfway across the country. Become engaged in the conversation. You'll learn a little, and you'll teach a little.

Remember: You can't keep your wisdom unless you give it away, too.