The technology community has been abuzz about Software as a Service (SaaS) for quite some time now, due to how it lends itself to both technological innovation and modern business structures. The shift to SaaS will allow for better products and stronger relationships for users of the new Simpleview CMS.

For those new to the benefits of Software as a Service, you're in luck! We've assembled this handy guide to help outline exactly what you can expect on the new platform.

First, What Is SaaS?

A simple Wikipedia search details Software as a Service as "a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted."

The simple definition is that platforms like the new Simpleview CMS are now a singular core product.

SaaS Market ChartIn the past, our CMS was installed individually for each customer, and each copy of that CMS was then customized for each website. As the product was improved, newer versions were released to new and upgrading customers. Clients preparing to upgrade could go through the same cycle of customization, "out of core" enhancements and integrations.

The SaaS model offers the ability to build and maintain one powerful core, empowering customers with the universal benefits of instant enhancement to that singular core.

What That Means to You

The most obvious benefit to our customers is speed. Bug fixes, enhancements, work orders and customizations may take significantly less time and less support hours in some cases.

A developer can spend 1 hour fixing a bug or 15 hours integrating the latest Google map enhancements. Across Simpleview's 150+ CMS customers, each and all needing the same changes, those hours can rack up quickly. With SaaS, one bug fix is everybody's bug fix, as one integration gives everyone the same new enhancements, at 1/150 the amount of time. That's lightning in a bottle!

Another benefit of SaaS is its subscription- and licensed-based relationship. As enhancements and bug fixes become available instantly to all customers, you can now watch your site evolve. Paying subscription costs to license the software means the extreme cost of a redesign and version upgrade becomes a significantly lower annual licensing fee. This promotes evolution and innovation over a longer time period, all the while keeping in current trends and maintaining best practices with emerging technologies.

The Impact on Developers

No matter when you upgrade, a SaaS product will always be the best it has ever been. Less time across individual client integrations and deployments means more time returned for evolving the product and exciting new innovations from our product developers... and yours!

Developer Shell IllustrationOpen integration protocols allow for any developer to customize applications that plug into the SaaS, like adding options to a vehicle. For Simpleview CMS, that means we maintain the engine, while you pick the color, wheels and sound system.

With each site build comes learning opportunities that are then added and shared among developers with little rework. Each enhancement and customized plug and play application becomes potentially available to all developers for use with any customer website. As such, SaaS allows developers to spend extra time learning, sharing and creating. As the software improves, so do developers and our service.

Cutting Edge Technology, Today and Every Day.

With SaaS, Simpleview makes a commitment to forward-thinking technologies as a means to deliver the best possible products to our customers. SaaS gives us the ability to offer:

  • Lightning fast service
  • Nimble response to emerging technologies
  • New, affordable pricing structure with the ability to plan long term for budgets
  • Significant extension of the life of customer websites and relationships

Interested in experiencing the new SaaS platform first-hand? Schedule a demo or contact your Account Manager for more information.