The second half of Summer kicked off with some solid new additions and updates to Simpleview CMS. Read on below to learn what's new with the July 29th release. Prefer to watch the SimpleFeed recap? Click here to log in to the CMS Knowledgebase and watch the recording at the top of the page.


Now Available: MicroMaps. In addition to updates ensuring adherence to HTTPS protocol, the new integration allows MicroMaps subscribers to easily embed interactive, high-resolution maps into your website pages. Learn more about MicroMaps and other mapping solutions here.

Updated: The integration for your listings, released in early May, automatically outputs relevant tags to Listing Detail pages.The July update expanded this feature to now output to Events and Coupons, for optimal interpretation by search engines like Google. Learn more about structured data and in this helpful Google tutorial.

Coming Soon: Barberstock. You asked, we're delivering. Save time and better manage your photography with the upcoming Barberstock Digital Asset Management integration, which allows users of both systems to select Barberstock images and easily add them to your CMS Asset Library. In the final stages of beta testing, users will be seeing this integration in the very near future. Learn more about Simpleview's partnership with Barberstock here.

Notifications & History

Email Notifications for Tasks. Another highly requested feature is now available in Simpleview CMS! With the new Subscribe feature in Tasks, you and any of your peers can receive an email when a Task is assigned to you, as well as when comments, edits, and updates to the Task's status are made.

Expanded User History. Since User History launched in the last update, the reach of included sections has now been expanded. From Nav Items to CMS Tags, and numerous sections in between, it's now even easier to lockdown your workflow and monitor created, modified and deleted content in your CMS. Review the SimpleFeed article for a full list of sections added.

Additional Updates

The above updates are just some of the highlights from the last SimpleFeed update. Read the full breakdown at the CMS Knowledgebase for a deeper dive into the multitude of updates made to the system.