Travel search engine leader integrates event management system to expand full suite of travel and meetings services.

JackRabbit Systems, Inc., the tourism and travel industry's preferred choice for development of custom travel search engines for destination and travel portal websites, has completed the acquisition and integration of Zerista, Inc., the forward-thinking provider of online event management platforms for the life sciences, financial, media, and association industries.

"We've had our eye on Zerista for quite some time. In the events space it can be hard for event systems and mobile apps to stand out in this noisy mobile landscape, but Zerista has done just that: its refreshing and unique approach to event management impressed us, and we saw an opportunity to grow its market," says Andrew Van Luchene, CEO of JackRabbit. "We have already doubled the Zerista team to keep up with demand and to service our quickly-expanding customer base."

Zerista's event software solution seamlessly connects everyone at events to the right contacts, content, and solutions through a dedicated event website, dashboard, and mobile apps. Attendees are happier with an improved and interactive user experience, while exhibitors and sponsors are more successful unlocking new business opportunities through the system's connections-focused framework.

Zerista's latest product release allows for seemless matchmaking and appointment scheduling at events. What normally takes an event organizer several days or weeks to complete manually, can be completed in just a few hours through Zerista's easy to use software that algorithmically sets up meetings for event attendees and exhibitors

The enhanced lead generation system allows exhibitors to use the Zerista mobile app to scan attendee badges, generate notes and lead lists, and instantly share leads with other members of their team. An integration into Salesforce allows leads to flow from the exhibit floor directly into the CRM infrastructure for immediate follow-up. Zerista effectively replaces the need for badge scanning hardware at tradeshows with an app that works on any mobile device.

Zerista's robust reporting tools take all the data that the event website and mobile app collects and presents it in a way that allows event organizers to learn what worked well and not so well. Organizers can mine the data and learn how to modify their event structures to maximize the value for all who attend. The flexible architecture allows data to be combined with other data sets provided by the event organizer for even greater market intelligence.

"JackRabbit's infrastructure and team will allow us to maintain our standards for service while growing our customer base at a rapid pace" says Charlie Savage, CTO of Zerista. "Over the last eight years we have developed a best of breed solution in the mobile event app space that's been received warmly and with open arms in a crowded space. It's time for us to scale globally with sought after functionality."

The combined entity will continue to offer its existing products that provide different types of recurring SaaS revenue. JackRabbit plans to introduce several new services in the coming year. In addition, the company is seeking to acquire complementary companies to serve its customers: city/state tourism departments (DMOs), hoteliers, and event providers. JackRabbit will maintain offices in Denver, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

About Zerista, Inc.
Founded in 2008, Zerista provides the ultimate event management website and mobile app that allows event organizers and attendees to manage schedules, set up meetings, generate leads, and participate in games that encourage event learning, discussion, and collaboration.

About JackRabbit Systems, Inc.
JackRabbit Systems is the tourism and travel industry's preferred choice for development of custom travel search engines for destination and travel portal websites. JackRabbit's innovative Book › Direct Search Engine helps over 1 million satisfied consumers each month book their stay and tickets directly within hundreds of destinations through city and state tourism destination (DMO) websites. Book › Direct provides DMOs with tools to create a better and more engaged online guest experience, while also generating the greatest financial return with increased bookings and higher margins for travel service providers. By eliminating online travel agency (OTA) commissions and other costly ‘middleman' fees, Book › Direct allows consumers to search DMO websites for real-time rates and availability and drive site visitors to book directly with local lodging and event providers.